Disney Princess Trivia

Before we get started on today’s quiz, I would like to point out a very cool feature on LitelySalted that you may not be aware of. Anytime while you’re on the site, you can click on the Stats hyperlink next to your name in the box on the right side and check your overall stats, as compared with all the other LitelySalted players. There is also a column of achievement badges, which you can win during the course of your quiz playing. We are also working on a feedback button, which will allow you let us know when a quiz is not working or if you have problems with a particular question.

Now, onto today’s quiz: Last week, we published a quiz on Disney Villains, and though several hundred people took that quiz, no one scored more than 18 out of 20 on it. The average score, in fact, was a paltry 41 percent.

I hope you know your Disney Princesses better. God knows I didn’t.

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