Background Check

56869096websters47200913242PM.jpgBackground Check: (Noun) The process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records and financial records of an individual.

Garfield's Slutty Cat Girlfriend Kardashian is firing back at having been fired from Sunday's episode of "Celebrity Apprentice," because, apparently there is currently a season of "Celebrity Apprentice" airing and apparently she's on it. I had no idea. Anyway, the reason for her firing was due to a past DUI incident:

By all indications, country star Clint Black was on the chopping block until Trump learned that Kardashian had missed some of the previous week's competition to go to a mandatory class regarding her DUI. "I hate people who drive under the influence," Trump said in the boardroom as he fired Kardashian. "I know three families who lost children to drunken driving.

"Kardashian took to her blog to defend herself yesterday. "It wasn't because of my work ethic, it wasn't because I was slacking," she writes, "It was because of my DUI. I don't think I should have been fired for that reason alone. I just wish Mr. Trump would have handled the situation a little differently." (Source)

Well, to her defense, it really is the employer's job to screen potential employees before hiring them, which includes a look into past criminal records. But then again, I don't know if she knows this, but "Celebrity Apprentice," is -- pssst -- not a real job. But since Khloe has never actually had, you know, a real job, I can see where this might be confusing for her.

Behemoth and the Behemettes at the Bravo A-List awards:



Zeiss said:

SAy what you will, those gals are gorgeous.

Mrs. Plainview said:

And I will say you need glasses,sir.

sgates said:

/the big tall girl in the middle is one one who has the looks and moxy as in a personality, she just blows the other 2 away

aurore said:

Khloe Kardashian should have pointed out her rights under Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1998 - if she believes it is the "real job" she wanted.

yeah they are so gorgeous.