Rachel Uchitel Is Nucking Futs

Rachel-130510.jpgSo apparently the text messages between Angel (He will forever be known as Angel, goddammit!) and Rachel Uchitel, AKA "The Woman Who Puts The Wood In Hollywood" have leaked out, and as it turns out, little miss "I will fuck anything with two legs and an IMDB page" might not be all that mentally stable. I'll give you guys a minute to recover from that shocking discovery.

Uchitel: "Just (bleeping) go and be with her."

Boreanaz: "Why do u act like such a (bleeping) child!!! She is my wife."

Uchitel: "Oh, please!! ... You're such a liar. You're never leaving. You've wasted my time and I'm once again alone." She adds: "I can't (bleeping) be alone anymore. I've been alone my entire life."

Boreanaz: "What the HELL are you talking about. We spend more than enough time together." (Source)

Just putting this out there Rachel, but if you want a man, you might want to consider the ones who aren't married. Seems like kind of a no-brainer. It's sort of like going over to someone's house then throwing a bitch-fit when they won't hand over the deed. "Goddammit, I showed you my vagina! THE ENTIRE WORLD OWES ME NICE THINGS FOR NO DISCERNIBLE REASON!"


NeNe said:

what the heck has she done to her face? She looks awful.