This Is True Love

LiloSam-020810.jpgLinday Lohan's love life (alliteration!) has apparently now been upgraded from "fucking ridiculous" to "get thee to a nunnery." Not only is she living in the same building as her ex, Samantha Ronson, but apparently they are beating the sweet living shit out of each other. Oh, and they both have keys to each others' apartments because of fucking course they do.

"One time I saw her [Lindsay] and she had a large welt on her head," the source told "She told me that Sam beat the (bleep) out of her.

"She also said that Sam even punched and choked her one time."

Making things worse is the fact that both women live in the same building.

Following the break-in at her Hollywood Hills home, Lindsay moved into an apartment in West Hollywood. Shortly after, Samantha moved in. The source tells that Ronson regularly comes over using a key she has to Lindsay's apartment. (Source)

Remember how when you were younger, it used to be that the kid that hit you always secretly had a thing for you? Well, there's a reason people grow out of that: because when you're an adult and you and your significant other are kicking the ever loving bejeebus out of each other, that actually means that you two are fundamentally wrong for each other and need to stay as far away as humanely possible from each other, you crazy whores.