Lady Gaga Actually Looked Cool at the Grammys

gaga020110_1.jpgLady Gaga showed up to the Grammy last night for once not dressed like a bloody tampon or with a bag over her head or with severed Muppet heads stapled to her -- instead opting for this Giorgio Armani-collaborated dress. It kind of looks like what if Elton John were a transvestite instead of just your garden variety flamboyant gay, but regardless I like it. If I had to come up with a word to describe this ensemble I think it would probably be something like "razzmatazz." Also? Giant, deadly throwing snowflakes are totally the new clutch.



Jadine said:

I never in a million years thought I would say (or admit)that her performance with Elton John last night was phenomenal. She can actually sing.

Stacey said:

She performed with Elton John last night? Huh. Maybe I should have stayed home and watched instead of going out for karaoke.

I am not sure if I concur with you here. See you do make a good point, I don't believe you've actually given plenty of thought to the other side of the argument. Perhaps I could do a guest post or a follow-up, just let me know.