Brittany Murphy Died Because of Happy Feet 2

murphy012810.jpgSince 32-year-olds don't usually go dropping dead for no reason, like most people I assumed that what killed Brittany Murphy was "drugs." Not so -- alleges Brittany Murphy's fat, disgusting, loser slob of a husband Simon Monjack. What really killed her was getting fired from Happy Feet 2. And now he's suing for wrongful death. Naturally.

Two weeks prior to Murphy's sudden death on Dec. 20 at age 32, the studio fired her from the sequel to the animated smash Happy Feet, where she was to reprise the role of penguin Gloria. "She was devastated," Monjack tells the Daily Beast's Gerald Posner. "They killed her."

"It's a cruel town," Monjack says of Hollywood."You're disposable as an actress or actor." He is unapologetic about his plans to sue. "I am tough. I litigate when somebody does something wrong to me. That's one of the reasons I make enemies." (Source)

Being that Brittany Murphy's official cause of death has yet to be released from the coroner, I think that blaming not getting to be in the sequel of a second rate childrens animated feature is a bit premature. You could just as easily say that she woke up one morning and realized she was married to that guy, and her poor little heart just couldn't take it. Still, pretty sure was drugs.