Pete Wentz Had to be Told Twice

wentz122909_1.jpgPete Wentz was seen sporting a black eye and busted up face while shopping in NYC yesterday with his son, Brooklyn Baloo or whatever, but don't worry, there's a totally reasonable, non-Ashlee Simpson-beating-him explanation for the bruises.

"The mean streets of NY got to him," his rep joked to

But a source close to the Fall Out Boy rocker, 30, tells Us he simply fell on the street and insists the bruise "is not as bad as it looks." (Source)

That's funny, usually when I fall down on the street -- not that I fall down on the street a lot or anything, (OK maybe I totally do and even did yesterday when I was distracted by some lady that got pulled over for not having a driver's license) -- I usually just scrape my knee of twist my ankle. A full-on busted up face is a new one, even for someone who totally doesn't but maybe actually does fall down in the street all the time. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you're going to lie about your wife beating the crap about you, at least make it believable. Like something involving a doorknob.



Wench. said:

'Brooklyn Baloo'!!

Seriously. This blog is just getting funnier! My jokes feel so inferior.

jvon said:

As someone with experience working security, that looks like a right cross to me.

License said:

This post makes me not want to bother getting a driver's license :p