Michael Cera Is About To Cross Streams

Cera Is A Douche.jpgOn the long list of things a third installment does NOT need, Michael Cera playing the exact same character he's played since Arrested Development is pretty high at the top of the list. Well brace yourselves, people, because Mumbles McNopubes is campaigning Harold Ramis for a part in Ghostbusters 3, despite having no dick!

[...] he used his time on set to grill Ramis, who played nerdy Egon Spengler, about the ghoulish franchise and plans for a forthcoming sequel featuring the original cast and a new generation ofGhostbusters.
Cera tells People magazine, "(I loved) Ghostbusters. As a kid, I wanted to be Bill Murray's character.
"Harold told me lots of stories and I memorised every word." (Source)

I don't know about you, but no one managed to burn through their Arrested Development goodwill faster than Michael Cera. And you know you're fucked when the guy who's been in not one but TWO fucking Alvin and the Chipmunks movies can go longer without revealing himself to be kind of a one-note tool. So I say no. No Michael Cera in Ghostbusters 3, unless you REALLY need someone to mumble awkwardly for two hours and do absolutely nothing else.