Katie Holmes is Inconsiderate

58887487websters11252009100850AM.jpgKatie Holmes and two friends went to a Manhattan movie theater to catch a showing of Twilight: New Moon last weekend, and she and her friends proceeded to act like giant bitches by talking through the whole movie and ruining it for everyone.

"Katie talked through all of 'New Moon.' It was unbelievable - they talked nonstop about the movie and everything else. Some people wanted to tell them to be quiet, but when they realized who it was, they stayed silent. No one wanted to shush Katie." (Source)

So why didn't anyone want to shush Katie Holmes again? If some asshole blabbed through my favorite movie, I don't care if she's Queen Shit of Turd Mountain, we're going to have a serious problem. Of course, as far as I know Turd Mountain has its own multiplex, so luckily my chances of running into Queen Shit and between slim and nil.

More of Katie wearing unflattering shorts with Anna Paquin on the set of The Romantics:



billbo said:

If someone is talking during a movie usually you can tell someone that works at the theater, and someone will be sent in to watch, and confirm your complain, and address it.

In any case, usually you can get a free movie out of the deal.

Shannon Holds said:

I'm more surprised that Katie Holmes has friends than her talking through the movie and being inconsiderate...

Natural 20 said:

A friend of mine told Nicolas Cage to be quiet during a play--I think it was in Boston. This was back in the day he was still married to Patricia Arquette (she was with him at the time). Cage was sitting right behind said friend and yapping away, and the shock on his face was something, apparently, when he got polite but firm whatfor. He was pissed.

I love my friend for that. Hard.