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Songs Opening Lines Entertainment 1134 20 Next Question
Elvis Presley's Hits Entertainment 1144 15 Next Question
Essential Michael Jackson Hits Entertainment 1135 25 Next Question
The Beatles Hit Songs Entertainment 1064 25 Next Question
Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits Entertainment 1107 15 Next Question
R.E.M. Greatest Hits Entertainment 1122 15 Next Question
Daily Grind 00048 General 1177 25 Next Question


Question Difficulty Rating
Blow out your candles and pay… Very Hard 1437
James Pierpont was laughing all the… Easy 1045
What type of songs served a… Very Hard 1252
In 1962 what Halloween novelty song… Very Easy 919
"You never close your eyes anymore… Medium 1102
"You were working as a waitress… Medium 1099
"Go, shorty. It's your birthday" is… Hard 1180
"Hello, Darkness, my old friend" is… Very Easy 997
"I am an Antichrist" is from… Very Hard 1254
"Well, I guess it would be… Easy 1063
"We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee"… Very Hard 1317
"I was dreaming when I wrote… Hard 1202
"She was more like a beauty… Medium 1127
"There must be some kind of… Medium 1114
"What's with these homies dissin' my… Medium 1098
"A candy-colored clown they call the… Very Hard 1401
"Tommy used to work on the… Very Easy 991
"Jesus died for somebody's sins but… Very Hard 1341
"Well, it's one for the money,… Easy 1087
"In the time of chimpanzees I… Medium 1146
"Why do birds suddenly appear every… Very Easy 998
"Don't call it a comeback" is… Hard 1200
"Well, she was just seventeen --… Hard 1194
"Hey, ho, let's go!" is from… Very Hard 1236
"She's a very kinky girl" is… Very Easy 898
"Well, since my baby left me,… Easy 1089
"You know I can be found,… Hard 1189
"When they said you was high… Easy 1092
"Happiness will follow you everywhere you… Hard 1212
"A well I bless my soul,… Hard 1187
"Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone,… Medium 1177
"I'd spend a lifetime waiting for… Hard 1214
What Elvis song asks, "Do the… Medium 1102
"All the stars will tell the… Hard 1214
"Like a river flows surely to… Easy 1017
"Don't want a silver dollar, Rabbit's… Very Hard 1257
"This time I'm gonna take it… Medium 1099
"People, don't you understand the child… Very Easy 1002
"Here we go again, Asking where… Medium 1111
What Elvis song begged, "Please won't… Hard 1212
With lyrics like this, "When I… Hard 1219
"It's like counting up to 3.… Very Easy 914
"You are the spark that lit… Very Hard 1293
Which Michael Jackson song begins, "Lovely… Hard 1221
"And when the groove is dead… Hard 1198
"And so I've learned that love… Very Hard 1227
"And mother always told me be… Very Easy 979
"They're out to get you, better… Very Easy 921
"Looking out across the nighttime, the… Very Hard 1265
"Don't you know now is the… Hard 1222