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Question Difficulty Rating
This Nereid was married to King… Very Hard 1427
This moon of Jupiter is also… Medium 1323
A ring shepherd for the Encke… Easy 1212
Smallest of the four Galilean moons… Easy 1222
What second-largest moon of Saturn was… Hard 1404
Which moon of Neptune shares its… Medium 1308
What mother of Aphrodite and possible… Very Hard 1427
What moon of Neptune is named… Very Hard 1413
What massive planet was named after… Very Easy 902
What trans-Neptunian dwarf planet is named… Very Hard 1415
What satellite of Jupiter is named… Medium 1317
Slain by Hephaestus with molten iron… Very Hard 1414
Innermost of the four Galilean moons… Easy 1289
Largest of the non-Galilean moons of… Very Hard 1415
Neso, as of 2010, is the… Very Hard 1417
What large planet is named for… Very Easy 1044
Smaller of the two moons of… Easy 1263
The Chumash tribe of California call… Very Hard 1416
The only one of Ptolemy's original… Very Easy 989
A Cretan spirit associated with Demeter,… Medium 1403
Zeus took the form of Artemis… Medium 1308
Third largest of Saturn's moons, this… Medium 1404
Largest of the Neptunean moons, this… Easy 1295
Chief mother of all the rivers… Hard 1409
This Titan, who bears the heavens… Very Easy 1004
This dwarf planet was named for… Medium 1309
The largest moon in the solar… Easy 1296
Another name for Semele, the mother… Hard 1404
Though named for one of the… Very Easy 1018
This Titan, also a moon of… Very Easy 1097
This moon of Pluto was named… Medium 1400
Zeus became so enamored with this… Hard 1405
What moon of Saturn was named… Very Easy 1205
This Neptunean moon is named simply… Easy 1300
The second largest moon of Neptune… Hard 1405
The outermost moon of Pluto is… Very Easy 998
The first satellite to be discovered… Very Easy 1015
In Arthurian legend, this sorceress is… Very Easy 1144
Smallest of the four inner moons… Hard 1407
Wife of Tyndareus and mother of… Easy 1211
One of the original twelve Titans,… Easy 1302
Lost in 1975 and rediscovered in… Hard 1407
The innermost moon of Jupiter is… Hard 1406
Which moon of Jupiter is named… Hard 1406
Largest of the dwarf planets of… Medium 1304