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I Didn't Hear No Bell Sports 1198 15 Next Question
Daily Grind 00045 General 1173 25 Next Question
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Question Difficulty Rating
In 1977, which White Christmas crooner… Very Easy 950
What former senator, actor and musical… Easy 1077
Which famous musician was born Reginald… Medium 1209
If a nonet is a composition… Very Easy 978
Before his mysterious disappearance, which instrument… Very Hard 1371
In musical notation, a segment of… Easy 1053
These are soothing songs, usually sung… Easy 1055
Used extensively in musical instruments such… Very Hard 1351
This nation has the world's oldest… Medium 1206
Which instrument is Jazz great and… Hard 1267
The opera Duke Bluebeard's Castle and… Very Hard 1540
Fidelio is the only opera that… Medium 1195
Sheherazade is a well-known song cycle… Very Hard 1499
Into what musical family do the… Very Easy 935
The Four Seasons is a famous… Easy 1147
"Voices in the Jungle" is a… Medium 1225
"Don't Stop the Sandman," is a… Very Easy 950
"We will Kickstart Your Rhapsody," is… Medium 1176
"Crazy Girl," is a Rock Sugar… Easy 1041
"Here Comes the Fool You Wanted,"… Very Hard 1351
"Straight to Rock City," is a… Very Easy 885
"Heaven and Heaven" is the Rock… Hard 1258
"I Love Sugar on Me," is… Very Easy 870
"Breaking the Love," is a Rock… Very Hard 1326
"Round and Separated," is a Rock… Medium 1206
"Dreaming of a Whole Lotta Breakfast,"… Hard 1248
Pizzicato means that someone should do… Very Easy 937
This punk rock band from Philadelphia… Very Hard 1465
I don't know if this counts… Medium 1223
On their 1993 MTV Unplugged in… Easy 1059
This alternative rock band scored a… Very Hard 1397
"Jesus Is Just Alright" was a… Hard 1271
What folk rock group scored a… Hard 1310
Soundgarden soared into the cosmos with… Medium 1207
Around the same time as her… Very Easy 892
"Lake of Fire" was covered by… Very Hard 1365
Although it was the inspiration for… Very Hard 1329
This rock musician released his first… Easy 1159
MTV debuted on the air on… Easy 1093
In 1984, Ted Turner attempted to… Very Easy 944
In 1983, what hard rock band… Very Easy 9
In 1987, what music video show… Easy 1133
What now NBC late-night talk show… Easy 1049
Most know that "Video Killed the… Medium 1224
In February 2010, MTV officially dropped… Easy 1056
What artist has won the most… Medium 1217
This musical artist won more Video… Very Easy 1038
An alt-country band named themselves after… Very Hard 1326
Popularly believed to be developed by… Hard 1318
The sunken area in front of… Easy 1145