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Movie Quotes Entertainment 1281 25 Next Question
Hammer Time General 1185 20 Next Question
Things That Go Hmmm General 1159 15 Next Question
Ice Ice Baby General 1193 25 Next Question
The Monopoly Quiz Entertainment 1336 25 Next Question
Don't You Forget About Me Entertainment 1253 25 Next Question
I Didn't Hear No Bell Sports 1198 15 Next Question
Intergalactic Planetary Science 1257 25 Next Question
Madonna Fever Entertainment 1176 25 Next Question
Bat Out of Hell Mythology 1232 20 Next Question
Highway to Hell Mythology 1253 15 Next Question
Nintendo Quiz I Entertainment 1253 10 Next Question
Which Witch Is Which General 1213 20 Next Question
The Super Mario Brothers Super Quiz, Part I Entertainment 1131 25 Next Question
Super Mario Brothers Super Quiz, Part II Entertainment 1215 25 Next Question
I Heart Cartoons of the 70's Entertainment 1177 15 Next Question
Mr. Green, in the Conservatory, with the Lead Pipe Entertainment 1279 10 Next Question
I Heart Cartoons of the 80's Entertainment 1186 25 Next Question
Cartoons of the 80's II Entertainment 1136 25 Next Question
Famous Dicks Entertainment 1255 21 Next Question
More Famous Dicks Entertainment 1184 20 Next Question
Scandals That End in -Gate World History 1225 15 Next Question
Daily Grind 00049 General 1243 25 Next Question


Question Difficulty Rating
Name the movie that this quote… Very Hard 1553
In the third of the Rocky… Medium 1189
Who was the final boxer you… Hard 1338
In the video game Super Mario… Easy 1174
Mario went to medical school in… Very Easy 972
This yellow-hatted, mustachioed menace was introduced… Very Easy 925
In the original Super Mario Bros.… Very Easy 915
Traditionally, the first enemies you face… Very Easy 1004
What fighting game series features some… Easy 1115
In Luigi's Mansion, what is the… Very Hard 1388
Bullet Bills are the name for… Very Hard 1346
Blue, red, and green, and sometimes… Easy 1086
Mario and Luigi are always trying… Medium 1191
In the 1993 live action movie… Hard 1264
What color outfit does Luigi wear… Very Easy 851
Which Koopaling, in Super Mario Brothers… Very Hard 1359
The ghostly little creatures that chase… Very Hard 1415
Princess Peach is the only girl… Easy 1156
Mario joined this Sega mascot for… Very Easy 902
What kingdom does the Princess reign… Easy 1025
Scott Pilgrim named his band after… Very Easy 998
Luigi finally got his chance to… Easy 1145
Grabbing these items in a game… Very Easy 961
What are the masked and robed… Medium 1257
Mario is tasked with cleaning up… Very Hard 1433
This ball-balancing Koopaling from Super Mario… Easy 1139
What actor played Luigi Mario in… Medium 1182
What spin-off video game racing series… Very Easy 944
What are the names of the… Medium 1201
Besides POW blocks and shells, Super… Medium 1223
In Luigi's Mansion for the GameCube,… Easy 1130
The sometimes-fire-spitting fanged plants that pop… Easy 1125
In Super Mario Brothers 2, the… Very Hard 1419
Mario's Princess has been known by… Very Easy 899
Who must Luigi face as the… Hard 1345
Who is the professor that invented… Very Hard 1375
Mario must rescue a damsel from… Very Hard 1456
In Super Mario Sunshine, Mario is… Very Hard 1359
The Koopalings of Super Mario Brothers… Medium 1213
What Japanese video game designer is… Very Hard 1398
King Koopa was portrayed by what… Hard 1284
The giant spiked stone blocks, usually… Medium 1239
Though now an occasional ally of… Very Easy 952
This dinosaur sidekick of Mario and… Very Easy 860
Morton Koopa, Jr., level-end boss of… Hard 1311
Starring three anthropomorphic amphibians named Rash,… Medium 1223
Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hike! In… Hard 1267
In the 1986 video game Castlevania,… Hard 1294
In the 1985 video game Super… Hard 1307
Scientists discover the Earth's core is… Easy 1088