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Quiz Category Rating Questions
Daily Grind 00000 General 1221 25 Next Question
Disney Villains Entertainment 1295 20 Next Question
I Heart Cartoons (Before 1970) Entertainment 1209 25 Next Question
I Heart Cartoons of the 80's Entertainment 1186 25 Next Question
Cartoons of the 80's II Entertainment 1136 25 Next Question
I Heart Cartoons of the 70's Entertainment 1177 15 Next Question


Question Difficulty Rating
What was the first full length… Medium 1215
Name the first work by popular… Very Hard 1388
According to the Ren and Stimpy… Hard 1256
Which unkempt character from the Scooby-Doo… Very Easy 970
Which cartoon sailor’s girlfriend has a… Hard 1313
What was Lois Griffin’s maiden name… Hard 1289
On The Simpsons what is the… Very Easy 958
On The Simpsons, the Sea Captain… Hard 1297
We may never find out what… Very Easy 805
On the original cartoon Captain Planet… Very Hard 1496
What 1980's Hanna Barbera cartoon featured… Medium 1232
According to Linus in "It's the… Very Hard 1397
Who is the only one of… Easy 1051
What was the first animated series… Very Hard 1411
What was the first color cartoon… Very Hard 1412
What cartoon was Hanna-Barbera's first animated… Very Hard 1412
Which cartoon ran from September 30,… Very Easy 1013
T.C. is the leader of a… Medium 1197
What is the first Japanese animated… Easy 1123
Which animated Hanna-Barbera television series was… Medium 1228
Which 1967 cartoon series follows the… Easy 1152
Which 1968 Saturday morning cartoon contained… Medium 1183
Which 1969 cartoon series was the… Medium 1233
Which 1970 Saturday morning cartoon was… Easy 1093
Which two The Flintstones characters got… Very Easy 979
Which real life band got their… Medium 1174
Which 1974 dramatic cartoon was an… Very Hard 1396
Which 1976 cartoon character was a… Very Hard 1354
The Teen Angels (Brenda, Dee Dee… Medium 1199
What 1984-1987 cartoon character was based… Easy 1048
What 1980-1984 Hanna-Barbera cartoon series was… Easy 1056
Based on a Belgian comic series… Easy 1156
Which 1982-1984 animated television series, based… Very Easy 911
Which 1983-1990 animated cartoon series featured… Very Easy 922
He-Man and the Masters of the… Medium 1177
What were the title characters of… Medium 1236
Based on a series of Hallmark… Easy 1059
Which 1984-1989 Hanna-Barbera cartoon featured a… Easy 1068
Which 1985-1987 cartoon series, based on… Easy 1102
Which 1985-1988 cartoon series, based on… Very Easy 864
What 1985-1987 cartoon series, based on… Very Easy 1002
In 1986, the cartoon series G.I.… Hard 1286
She is excitement! She is adventure!… Very Easy 1026
What 1985-1986 cartoon series was a… Hard 1262
Which 1985 Disney cartoon series featured… Hard 1342
Which 1986-1989 Japanese cartoon series follows… Hard 1285
First came the plush doll produced… Very Hard 1348
Which 1986-1991 cartoon series, based on… Hard 1256
Which 1987 cartoon was based on… Hard 1280
Which 1989-1990 Disney cartoon series featured… Easy 1092