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Elementary Science 00001 Science 1084 21 Next Question
Elementary Science 00002 Science 1109 20 Next Question
Earth III Geography 1189 25 Next Question
Intergalactic Planetary Science 1256 25 Next Question
Heavenly Bodies, Part I Science 1268 25 Next Question
Heavenly Bodies, Part II Science 1244 25 Next Question
Heavenly Bodies, Part III Science 1159 25 Next Question
Starry, Starry Night Science 1126 25 Next Question
Daily Grind 00047 General 1171 25 Next Question
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Question Difficulty Rating
Its one satellite, Charon, was discovered… Very Easy 878
An aggregate of millions to hundreds… Very Easy 952
Seasonal changes are caused when the… Easy 1031
If “waning” indicates the period between… Easy 1052
In the spring and fall there… Easy 1066
What body in the solar system… Easy 1017
Olympus Mons, the solar system’s largest… Easy 1041
Which planet in our solar system… Hard 1336
This force is believed to be… Very Easy 940
The Sun’s corona is most visible… Easy 1083
The Chaldeans made great progress in… Easy 1102
This indicates what constellation: The middle… Easy 1060
What $1.5 billion telescope was placed… Easy 1063
In 1910, thousands and perhaps millions… Easy 1030
Multicolored lights that appear in the… Medium 1173
The central region of a star,… Easy 1014
Until around 1600, it was commonly… Medium 1154
What star, known as the Dog… Medium 1208
What is the only known satellite… Hard 1365
What are believed to form when… Very Easy 682
What are the extremely energetic rays… Very Hard 1530
In Greek mythology, this vain queen… Medium 1274
The region between the orbits of… Very Easy 967
A billion years ago, what was… Easy 1006
If you were to arrange Earth,… Easy 1020
This prolific meteor shower that occurs… Medium 1283
This astronomer released his treatise De… Hard 1303
Formed in 1919, the IAU is… Hard 1312
By what name is the binary… Medium 1235
What dark nebula is located in… Hard 1378
What abbreviated term for a quasi-stellar… Hard 1288
What comet, also called The Great… Hard 1301
Sirius is the brightest star in… Very Hard 1471
What space telescope, to be launched… Very Hard 1473
What ancient astronomer's text the Almagest… Hard 1339
The Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 famously collided… Medium 1163
This astronomical term refers to a… Very Easy 935
Name the Space Telescope that was… Easy 1058
The brightest star in the night… Medium 1271
Which is the closest planet to… Easy 1013
What is the belt of space… Hard 1368
The only one of Ptolemy's original… Very Easy 991
The second largest moon of Neptune… Very Hard 1406
What massive planet was named after… Very Easy 904
Largest of the dwarf planets of… Hard 1303
Largest of Uranus' inner moons, it… Medium 1109
What second-largest moon of Saturn was… Very Hard 1406
What satellite of Jupiter is named… Hard 1319
Slain by Hephaestus with molten iron… Very Hard 1415
What trans-Neptunian dwarf planet is named… Very Hard 1416