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Swing for the Fences Sports 1188 10 Next Question
The Masters Sports 1284 10 Next Question
Perfect Games Sports 1243 10 Next Question
Mama Said Knock You Out Sports 1175 20 Next Question
I Didn't Hear No Bell Sports 1198 15 Next Question
NFL Quiz 1 Sports 1143 10 Next Question
Professional Sports Team Names III Sports 1213 20 Next Question
Professional Sports Team Names IV Sports 1169 20 Next Question
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Question Difficulty Rating
Along with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold… Hard 1298
He played for the Rangers, White… Medium 1186
He won The Masters six times… Very Easy 918
Toss a telephone pole up in… Very Hard 1349
In the board game Scrabble, three… Very Hard 1379
In the board game Scrabble, which… Very Hard 1349
What kind of sporting events are… Very Easy 1049
Name the athletic event where the… Hard 1233
James Naismith is most commonly credited… Very Easy 1043
Name the traditional form of heavyweight… Very Easy 1000
What sport involves brassies, spoons, mid-mashies,… Very Easy 1060
What first name should football player… Very Easy 1038
He played from 1954 to 1974… Very Easy 936
In 1935, he hit golf's "shot… Very Hard 1448
In Japanese this 4-letter word is… Very Easy 1063
Ninotchka, The Farmer’s Daughter, Tina Ferrari,… Very Hard 1372
What annual international bicycle race lasts… Very Easy 1035
What is the name of the… Medium 1191
Besides their notable achievement of being… Medium 1209
He won The Masters in 1958… Easy 1123
The 2006 FIFA World Cup finals… Easy 1085
He holds the major league record… Very Easy 1046
He was on-deck when the Giant's… Medium 1174
He played from 1890 to 1905,… Very Hard 1626
This reclusive chess champion angered the… Easy 1101
Is irony fattening? What fitness author… Very Hard 1535
He was traded from the Blue… Very Easy 1057
Counting the two green house numbers… Very Hard 1367
What category of drugs has come… Very Easy 1004
In 2003, he became the first… Hard 1258
This television network has televised The… Easy 1108
Along with Alister MacKenzie, this legendary… Hard 1247
There have been only 20 perfect… Hard 1234
In 1919, this Senators pitcher retired… Hard 1256
He pitched a perfect game in… Easy 1136
This US Senator from Kentucky pitched… Very Hard 1362
He is the youngest player ever… Very Easy 958
He pitched for the KC and… Hard 1289
This Dodger Lefty was inducted into… Easy 1137
In 1981, this Cleveland Indian flamethrower… Very Hard 1516
During batting practice, he collided head-frist… Very Easy 955
It was originally called the 100… Easy 1157
This British golfer won back-to-back Masters… Hard 1258
During the 1995 Masters Tournament, this… Very Hard 1474
He is the only player to… Hard 1244
He made his major league debut… Hard 1288
After playing for the 1984 U.S.… Medium 1201
In 1988 at the age of… Easy 1125
He won the first Masters Tournament… Very Hard 1576
This Detroit Tiger pitcher lost his… Hard 1308