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Quiz Category Rating Questions
Vampires, Vampires, Vampires Literature 1129 10 Next Question
20th Century American Literature Literature 1384 10 Next Question
Literary Title Changes Literature 1151 13 Next Question
Literary Characters 00001 Literature 1347 10 Next Question
Early American Literature 00001 Literature 1238 10 Next Question
Literary Couples Literature 1242 25 Next Question
Children's Literature 00001 Literature 1001 11 Next Question
Banned Books Literature 1117 20 Next Question
Name That Novel V Literature 1234 15 Next Question
Brush Up On Your Shakespeare Literature 1165 18 Next Question


Question Difficulty Rating
"Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman… Easy 1144
Name the character who is the… Very Hard 1501
What British playwright shares a screen… Very Hard 1426
This line is from what poem,… Very Hard 1466
What modern technology term, coined by… Very Hard 1389
What term is used in literature… Hard 1348
Agnes Wickfield, James Steerforth, Uriah Heep,… Easy 1127
This author died on the same… Very Hard 1443
What lengthy Dickens novel features the… Very Hard 1379
Who, along with Joseph Addison, was… Very Hard 1578
Whose epitaph read, “Quoth the Raven,… Very Easy 1007
Who bore the Ring to Mordor… Easy 1067
During a period of 1,001 nights,… Hard 1253
What Louisa May Alcott novel contains,… Very Easy 979
What magician is most associated with… Very Easy 1014
Which prolific author of Western novels… Very Hard 1379
In Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in… Medium 1160
What kind of animal is Dr.… Medium 1181
What fictional character lived under the… Easy 1025
Which character in Washing Irving’s The… Very Hard 1388
Which famous ancient playwright was supposedly… Very Hard 1382
Shakespeare would’ve loved Minnesota Fats. Which… Very Hard 1435
Name the captain of the Nautilus… Easy 1051
In the Two Gentlemen of Verona,… Medium 1199
Ebeneezer Scrooge is a character in… Very Easy 829
What contemporary of William Shakespeare and… Medium 1219
This line is from what Kenneth… Easy 1153
Which character was stiff and rusted… Very Easy 977
Laszio Hamori’s book, “Flight to the… Easy 1048
John Hinckley, Jr. became obsessed with… Medium 1180
What poet laureate shares a writer’s… Hard 1307
The Cornish castle of Tintagel is… Easy 1054
What beloved children’s author shares a… Hard 1313
In the Robert Louis Stevenson classic… Very Hard 1357
According to legend, kissing what Irish… Easy 1063
What science fiction legend shares the… Very Hard 1355
Which writer created the detectives Hercule… Easy 1057
What is the vocation of the… Easy 1052
J.M. Barrie created what character, who… Easy 1136
Old age doesn’t stop everyone. This… Medium 1212
A medieval landed estate and the… Very Hard 1366
What poet was expelled from West… Easy 1026
Ray Bradbury said which of his… Easy 1080
This line is from what Jack… Medium 1155
This is the first line of… Very Easy 987
All of the Ingalls children in… Medium 1216
In what trilogy are these creatures… Medium 1156
The lines: “One day, two rogues… Easy 1076
Honorificabilitudinatibus is the longest word ever… Very Hard 1416
Mark Twain wrote in "Tom Sawyer"… Easy 1023