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Academy Awards 00001 Entertainment 1140 10 Next Question
Bands Formerly Known As Entertainment 1074 10 Next Question
The Simpsons Entertainment 1080 9 Next Question
Television 00001 Entertainment 1110 25 Next Question
Steve Martin Entertainment 1175 10 Next Question
Seinfeld 00001 Entertainment 1041 6 Next Question
Movies 00003 Entertainment 1123 25 Next Question
Movies 00002 Entertainment 1100 25 Next Question
Movies 00001 Entertainment 1183 25 Next Question
Horror Films Entertainment 1072 10 Next Question
Fast Times at Ridgemont High Entertainment 1201 5 Next Question
Divorce in Film Entertainment 981 11 Next Question
Movie Quotes Entertainment 1281 25 Next Question
The Coen Brothers Entertainment 1304 15 Next Question
More Famous Dicks Entertainment 1184 20 Next Question
Jesus Christ, Superstar Entertainment 1178 25 Next Question
All About Britney Entertainment 1147 16 Next Question
Celebrity Baby Names Entertainment 1034 20 Next Question
It's Pronounced Fronkensteen Entertainment 1295 25 Next Question
The "Friends" Quiz Entertainment 1085 15 Next Question
Ghostbusters! Entertainment 1381 16 Next Question
Award Winning Documentaries Entertainment 1230 10 Next Question
Brouhaha Entertainment 1272 15 Next Question
Fishsticks Entertainment 1139 15 Next Question
Primetime Emmy Awards Entertainment 1335 15 Next Question
The Great Muppet Quiz! Entertainment 1222 25 Next Question
Sesame Street Quiz Entertainment 1244 16 Next Question
The Rock Sugar Metal Mash-Up Quiz Entertainment 1125 15 Next Question
Name that Romantic Comedy Entertainment 1093 16 Next Question
Don't You Forget About Me Entertainment 1253 25 Next Question
Celebrity Religions Entertainment 1130 10 Next Question
Football Movies Entertainment 1134 15 Next Question
MTV Trivia Entertainment 970 10 Next Question
The Monopoly Quiz Entertainment 1336 25 Next Question
Box Office Records Entertainment 1283 10 Next Question
Disney Villains Entertainment 1295 20 Next Question
Disney Princesses Entertainment 1138 15 Next Question
Madonna Fever Entertainment 1176 25 Next Question
I Heart Cartoons (Before 1970) Entertainment 1208 25 Next Question
M. Night Shyamalan Trivia Entertainment 1094 10 Next Question
A Christmas Story (Movie) Entertainment 1238 25 Next Question
I Heart Cartoons of the 80's Entertainment 1186 25 Next Question
The Super Mario Brothers Super Quiz, Part I Entertainment 1131 25 Next Question
Cartoons of the 80's II Entertainment 1136 25 Next Question
Super Mario Brothers Super Quiz, Part II Entertainment 1215 25 Next Question
I Heart Cartoons of the 70's Entertainment 1177 15 Next Question
Pop Culture High Schools Entertainment 1275 25 Next Question
Elvis Presley's Hits Entertainment 1144 15 Next Question
You're Dead To Me Entertainment 1198 12 Next Question
Nintendo Quiz I Entertainment 1253 10 Next Question
R.E.M. Greatest Hits Entertainment 1122 15 Next Question
Songs Opening Lines Entertainment 1134 20 Next Question
Gremlins, Ghouls, Goblins Entertainment 1312 20 Next Question
Famous Dicks Entertainment 1255 21 Next Question
Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits Entertainment 1107 15 Next Question
The Beatles Hit Songs Entertainment 1064 25 Next Question
Essential Michael Jackson Hits Entertainment 1135 25 Next Question
Mr. Green, in the Conservatory, with the Lead Pipe Entertainment 1279 10 Next Question


Question Difficulty Rating
Who plays the role of Queen… Very Easy 957
This film was dubbed the last… Easy 1071
Sandra Oh had to learn how… Easy 1083
She won an Academy Award for… Easy 1031
Sure, she won an Academy award.… Very Hard 1399
What 1934 film was the first… Very Hard 1535
Who went undercover as a high… Very Hard 1339
What was the name of Ray… Hard 1239
To think, our “Personal Jesus” might… Hard 1249
Who expressed regret later in life… Medium 1143
What, in 1961, was the first… Very Hard 1414
Who says office romances never work?… Easy 1091
They really should have brought a… Very Hard 1405
Which Cosby daughter actress supposedly lost… Medium 1179
After producer Albert Ruddy got pressured… Easy 1055
This popular character actor, who played… Very Hard 1429
It seems like everyone’s been in… Very Easy 987
Leopold and Loeb were the inspiration… Very Hard 1368
What popular game was originally called… Easy 1123
They rob banks! These criminal lovers… Very Easy 939
What whiskey bottle label features the… Easy 1039
What is the name of this… Medium 1158
What actress, born in Stockholm, was… Medium 1136
What 1991 film featuring a FBI… Very Easy 816
What future superstar appears as one… Very Easy 930
This actress has a tattoo on… Very Easy 942
In 1977, which White Christmas crooner… Very Easy 945
Everyone can spell My Backyard, even… Very Easy 975
What long-running television drama begins with… Very Easy 891
Whose hood ornament is named “The… Very Hard 1391
Which director of Blow suffered a… Very Hard 1491
Big Thing just doesn’t have the… Medium 1206
While the coroner’s report read “death… Very Hard 1412
A German businessman staffs his factory… Very Easy 821
We may have not have regretted… Hard 1303
Who played the hot-headed jock Charles… Very Hard 1376
The British Invasion probably wouldn’t have… Very Easy 973
It’s a trap! In an effort… Hard 1331
I don’t care it takes forever… Very Easy 901
Which British songstress famous for her… Very Hard 1541
A small town girl living in… Very Easy 911
Everybody loves Ray’s dad, but he’s… Hard 1309
It might take a psychic to… Medium 1200
What was the first full length… Hard 1222
Which actor, best known for his… Very Hard 1380
What former senator, actor and musical… Easy 1073
Maybe John Stamos wouldn’t have been… Medium 1190
Personally, I would have loved to… Easy 1021
Whether you see the bathroom or… Easy 1076
What 1975 film featuring the exploits… Very Easy 915