Kurt Cobain is Miley Cyrus' Dream Boyfriend

At the premiere of her new movie The Last Song last week, MTV asked Miley Cyrus if she was a fan of Justin Bieber the 12-year-old lesbian. Miley responded that no, she was not a fan of "that kind of music" and then inexplicably changed the subject and said that Kurt Cobain "is like" her dream boyfriend. No she really said that, I was not making that up in the headline. Wow. I can see respecting a guy's work and all, but really? Her dream boyfriend is a tortured artist with a heroin addiction and deep-seeded history of mental illness who willingly married Courtney Love and eventually ate the business end of a shotgun? Well, I guess she could do worse. Like a Jonas Brother or something.


lol...I adore Miley-Hanna Montana! She is so entertaining!!!